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Advantages of radiant barriers

Radiant Barriers are the leading home insulating products on the market used by home owners, new home builders, and agricultural and manufacturing enterprises. Our Radiant Barrier foil insulation products are made from 99% pure aluminum making them the best at blocking 97% of the radiant heat that attempts to enter building structures. Radiant Barrier products have a capability of reducing attic temperatures by up to 30 degrees when installed to the underside of roof rafters. Lowering attic temperatures provides a significant benefit by reducing air conditional loads and energy usage. Reduce heat transfer from attic to living spaces by up to 50%.


More advantages

Radiant Barriers are useful in that they extend the life of air conditioning units by having their work highly reduced. They also increase the comfort of homes by ensuring there is a conducive environment for living. There is regulated temperatures and also a cool ambience that one can even work from home. Unlike other forms of insulation which absorb and eventually transfer heat into living spaces, Radiant Barriers reduce heat gain from the sun by blocking or reflecting the radiant heat in the opposite direction from which it came.

Radiant Barriers are also unaffected by humidity and change in temperatures and are always consistent in their performance through the life of the Radiant Barrier.


Emittance and Reflectance

Emittance is the ability of a material's surface to emit radiant energy. All materials have emissivity of different degrees. The lower the emittance of a material, the lower the heat radiated from its surface. Aluminum foil has a very low emittance, which explains its use in reflective insulation and Radiant Barriers.

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Reflectance refers to the fraction of incoming radiant energy that is reflected from the surface. Reflectivity and emissivity are related and a low emittance is indicative of a highly reflective surface.

There are several factors which determine how effective a Radiant Barrier is. We at Radiant Barrier Team always ensure we put them into consideration before installing a Radiant Barrier,

Attic Ductwork, if ductwork or air handlers are located in the attic, the temperature of the attic area will affect the efficiency of the HVAC system. Using a Radiant Barrier to control attic temperatures will increase HVAC system efficiency, thus reducing energy costs.

Existing Insulation, if existing attic insulation is less than a R39, a Radiant Barrier installation will help to stop excess radiant heat. Homes with a R39 or higher ceiling-insulation, and have no ductwork in the attic will not achieve much energy savings from a Radiant Barrier installation.

Cold Climates, in climates where the majority of annual energy usage goes towards heating the structure, a Radiant Barrier on the floor of the attic, above the insulation and ductwork will provide substantial energy savings.

Hot Climates, in climates where the majority of annual energy usage goes towards cooling the structure, a Radiant Barrier stapled to the bottom of thereof rafters will provide maximum energy savings.

Mild Climates, in more mild climates where neither heating nor cooling issued much, a Radiant Barrier installation will not create massive energy savings. However, the Radiant Barrier can increase the overall comfort of the structure while providing small to moderate energy savings.

Customers can reach Radiant Barrier Team in Ridgeway, SC on 888-268-6769 for more information.


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